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What this is for?

This website is designed to allow you to program your Model 480 screenphone. By using this interface, you can change the text appearing on the screenphone and program and label up to eight buttons as “one touch” automatic dialers.


These softkey buttons can be programmed for telephone feature access codes, voicemail applications or simply use them for frequently called numbers. In addition, you can add a “label” that appears on the screen of the phone beside the softkey button.


How do I program the phone?

Click the “Let Me Try It” link at the top of the page and fill out the form as shown on the right. Once completed, the program automatically provides a number to call and password to download your programming into your Model 480 Screenphone. The same password can be used to download the same programming into other Model 480 Screenphones you may have.


Display Text

There are 4 lines of display text space available when your phone is not in use. There is a maximum of 20 characters per line. Simply type in the text in the space shown.


Button Text

There is a maximum of 7 characters per softkey button. Type in a label for the button function and it will appear on the screen next to the button selected.


Button Phone#/Access Codes

Use this space to program the phone number or special feature access code that you want to dial using this button. There is a maximum of 17 characters per softkey button.

You may wish to contact your telecom manager or local telephone company to obtain a list of star feature (*) or Centrex/PBX access codes prior to programming your phone.


Special Characters

F=Flash, W=Wait for 3 Seconds or dial tone (which ever comes first), H=Hang-up, (,) Comma=Wait 1 Second

Note: When using the , (Comma) function, please note that one comma equals two character spaces.