The Model 480 Screenphone has three softkeys on either side of the screen. As up to eight keys can be programmed (using the “More” softkey to access the additional key positions) two programming screens are provided.


Use Tab to jump between fields. Do not press enter until you are ready to submit the form. The fields on the outside of the screen area are for entering the * codes or phone numbers.



Here is an example of how you would program the screenphone for one touch access to your voice mail. Assume the telephone company access code is *98 and your voice mail password is 1234567. In the button Phone #/Access Code box, you would type in *98www1234567. Using the “w” (wait for 3 seconds) character allows time for the access code to connect to your voicemail. You could type “vmail” in the button text to label the softkey on the screen.






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