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Advanced Mode Instructions


Fill in 3 forms as shown on the right. The areas of the form to fill out are: 

Display Text - There are 4 lines that will show when your phone is idle. They can be a maximum of 20 characters each

Button Labels - Will display beside each of the 6 soft keys as shown.

Button Values - Your phone will dial this when you press the corresponding soft key. Any character on your phone keypad can be entered plus some special characters.

Special Characters - F=Flash, P=Pickup, W=Wait for 3 Seconds, H=Hangup, (,) Comma=Wait 1 Second

3 States - The 3 forms represent 3 states in your phone. The Idle State is when you are listening to dial tone. The Connected State is when you are talking to someone, and the Call Waiting state is when a second call is coming in.

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