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Simple Mode Programming


What this is for? - This website allows you to program the soft keys on your screen phone. You can program up to 8 soft keys by filling in the simple mode form shown on the right.

How do I do it? - Click the "Let Me Try It" link at the bottom of the page and then fill in the form as shown on the right. 

Display Text - There are 4 lines of text that will show when your phone is idle. There is a maximum of 20 characters per line.

Button Labels - Will display beside each of the 6 soft keys as shown. There is a maximum of 7 characters per label.

Button Values - Your phone will dial this when you press the corresponding soft key. Any character on your phone keypad can be entered plus some special characters.

Special Characters - F=Flash, P=Pickup, W=Wait for 3 Seconds or dial tone (which ever comes first), H=Hang-up, (,) Comma=Wait 1 Second

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