Communication Solutions That Make a Difference


You can personalize your telephones' display screens with our Interactive Branding feature.

Include a company slogan, job title,  "thought for the day", or daily greeting.


Interactive Applications



Improve customer satisfaction ...


At Aastra, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction, so we developed interactive services for our telephones that empower you and your end-user to easily manage calls and get the most out of your enterprise communication system.

Access powerful management options and work efficiently with the live information on your system with applications such as: visual voicemail, directory services, intercom and paging features, interactive branding, and numerous call-handling features.

Visual Voicemail (Vmail+)
  • Scroll and listen to Voicemail Messages in the sequence you want through the phone's display screen

  • View time, date, and callerís phone number on each message

  • See notification for urgent messages or for messages retrieved by your email

  • Play, Stop, and Delete Voicemail Messages, or save them into your Saved Messages box

  • Access new messages log and saved messages log at the touch of a button

  • Return a call without having to exit your Voicemail Box

  • Have the option to protect voicemail messages using a password, or remove this security for quick access into Interactive Voicemail

Enhanced Call Handling

Retrieving and Answering calls couldn't be simpler. Answer the call ringing at any other phone without having to leave your desk. Pick up a parked call from any extension, regardless of where it was first answered or where it was parked.

A worthwhile call-management feature like Visual Park Pickup (SysPrk+) can be programmed into your telephone. No more mistakes picking up a wrong call or forgetting where you parked a caller. Manage the sequencing of your call pick-ups.

  • Scroll through Parked Calls displayed on the screen and select which one to pickup
  • View the park number, as well as the Caller ID Name and Number
  • See what time a call was parked and who parked it

Directory Services

Directory Services (DirSrv+) presents a graphical way of looking up phone numbers. You can view full office Extension Lists or listings of System Speed Dials.

Directory Services allows you to access telephone numbers or whole directories located on a separate server, not just what's programmed on your telephone.  


Vertical Applications

We are constantly developing new applications to keep up with business demands in a multitude of industries. We work with our manufacturing and system provider partners as their customers ask for the features that make their communication system as efficient as can be.


Specialized industries, such as the hospitality industry, could benefit from specific menus on their screens. A hotel could list room service items for guest selection. Service providers could place ads or specials on the screen. Meeting reminders or daily quotes could also be programmed into the system. Almost anything that the enterprise communication platform is capable of, our telephones can be programmed to execute.

Depending on the model of telephone you choose and the platform they are programmed to work with, you can access a variety of features.


Visual Voicemail



Park Pickup



Directory Services