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If you have more questions, please contact our Technical Support representatives at or by telephone at (469) 365-3639. Our support representatives are available, Monday - Friday, from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

Support - Frequently Asked Questions



Softkey labels on my phone no longer appear. How do I reprogram my phone?

If softkey labels do not appear on screen:

1. Please dial 1-866-732-8791 (toll free for most States within North America) or (469) 365-3203 to program your phone.

2. At the voice prompt press 2 to download programming. You will see the next screen, please wait. (No more than ten seconds).

3. When the screen displays the prompt, ďDo you have a passcode?Ē select No.

The screen should now say "Accept Download from (your phone system) Slot 1". Please press Yes.

Caution: DO NOT pres Yes during a beep. If you do you may hear a noise similar to a dial up modem or fax machine. If this happens please hang up and try again.

4. Next, the screen should say either "Accept download from (your phone system) Slot 2" or "...Slot 4", please press Yes again.

5. Last, the screen should say "Download complete" and the phone hangs up itself. 

Note: If the screen displays Phone ID not found, please press the Agent softkey to connect with an agent.

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Why donít numbers I return from the callers list connect?

When returning a call from an outside caller, you may need to first dial "9" on some phone systems. If this is the case, you must add the trunk pre-dial string at the front of the number by pressing the "EditNum" softkey.

Incoming calls are recorded with the area code attached, whether they are long distance or local calls. You may have to remove the area code from local calls in order to call from the Callers List, or use the Area Code option in the Options List to have local area codes automatically removed. Alternatively, you may need to add "1" before long distance numbers in order to dial long distance.

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How do I set the time and date?

Ask your system administrator to make sure your extension is configured for MDMF Caller ID format. Then, the first incoming call will update the phone with the time & date from the clock in the phone system. Otherwise, use the Time/Date option in the Options List to manually set the time and date.

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What if I accidentally delete the services on my phone?

If your phone is not loaded with any other Telco services, you should be able to restore the  features.

Press the ďServicesĒ button on the bottom right of the phone. A "Restore" softkey should be visible (the top right softkey beside the screen); press the Restore softkey and your services should be reloaded. If the Restore softkey is not visible, follow the instructions in your User Guide in the section entitled Screen and Softkey Setup.

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How can I get the Softkeys back when they disappear after I hang up the phone?

Pick up the handset or press the speaker button: the softkeys will reappear. You can also press the Services key and select the service in the first slot. Please review the section of the User Guide entitled Overview of softkeys and Screen States.

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Why doesnít the caller hear the on-hold music when I put them on hold?

Please make sure your system administrator has connected a music source to your phone system. Do not use the Hold button at the top of the phone as that will only place the caller on Hold at the phone set (similar to Mute). Use the Hold softkey to hold and the Back softkey to retrieve. Review the section in your User Guide entitled Handling Calls.

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Why does the phone hang-up or drop calls intermittently when Iím on speakerphone calls?

Please ensure that the power adapter is secured properly to the back of the phone. Also make sure you have the cables connected to the phone through the base as described in the User Guide section entitled Physical Setup.

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What should I do about discoloration on the display?

Discoloration on the LCD display is normal when you first take the phone out of the box. After you plug the phone into a power source, the discoloration on the screen should go away after a few minutes. If it does not, please contact your dealer.

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Why is my display blank?

Ensure that the power adaptor is fully plugged into the electrical outlet, and that the outlet is supplying power.

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Can I turn off the light on the screen?

No. You can only adjust the contrast of the display.

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How do I view the time and date?

Simply press the key on your phone and the date and time will show for 7 seconds.

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Why canít I hear a caller or be heard?

Increase the receiver or speaker volume. Make sure the handset cord is inserted securely into the jack. If the speaker light is flashing, the call is muted; press the Mute key to turn mute off; the light will be steady and not flashing.

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Why does the Idle Screen switch to the Connected Screen when I pick up my handset or press the speaker button?

Please make sure the dial tone is not disabled for your extension. Contact your system administrator if you are not sure how to enable your dial tone.

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Why does the telephone wobble on the desk?

Please make sure the cables routed through the base are pushed into the grooves provided. Review the section in your User Guide entitled Physical Setup.

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